This blog is in English because there might be some french people (really, some of them do speak English) who want to see this blog. (and who needs to speak English if you can win the World ​C​​up?)So this happend. On a whim I decided to go to Paris for some street photography during the final. When I arrived I felt nervous and found myself wondering what on earth I was doing there. On my own between al those people. I used to do a lot of streetphotograpy but It was a long time ago. It took a while but then it started to feel natural again. Everybody was nice and at one point I cried (yes, I’m a crie-er) because I was proud of myself for going and doing this. (and really really liking it)​In this blog a few of my favorites. A lot of them show how people (tried) to watch the game. I had a lot of laughs. Climbing in trees, on buildings, watching in a shop window. I hope you enjoy.