Sarah and the Fight Club / standing your ground

Sarah and her mam arrive at the camping site. They will stay the night before the fight and drive directly back home after the fight.

Getting ready for the instagram promotion shoot for the underground fightclub

Sleep won't come because of the nerves for tomorrow

Sarah and her mam arrived on the secret fightclub location.

Sarah is talking to the boss of the fight club. She doesn't want to fight bare knuckle anymore because her trainer told her she could end up with severe injuries for the rest of her life.

In the middle Sarah's opponent Agrotera who trained 7 months for the bare knuckle fight.
Getting dressed for the fight with her pink gloves

Sarah and Agrotera in a heated conversation. Agrotera only wants to fight bare knuckle because that is what she agreed on and trained for. If Sarah doesn't want to fight she is willing to fight Sarah's mother.

Sarah leaves the fight club without a fight and drives six hours back home.